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Kirsty Nash

My name is Kirsty Nash. I am from Cork, Ireland and I am 20 years old. I will be working as an intern with Wells for Zoë from March to August 2019.

As part of my degree in International Development & Food Policy in University College Cork, each student is required to undertake a 5-month work placement in a developing country in our third year. When I heard about all the work being done in Malawi by Wells for Zoë, I was very interested in the organisation’s bottom-up approach of providing clean, safe drinking water to the rural poor – a basic human necessity.

I was overjoyed to have been accepted as an intern with Wells for Zoë. It is a significant opportunity to gain an insight into what is being done on the ground-level to help the rural poor in Malawi, and gain a deeper understanding of the types of issues I have been learning about throughout my studies. I am very much looking forward to learning all about the Malawian culture and way of life throughout my five-month stay!

During my stay I hope to raise enough to support a Girl Child Student through their education and you can donate to this campaign by clicking below:



Visited Malawi

UCC intern March–July 2019

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