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Kevin Dalferth

Chief Technical Officer

My name is Kevin Dalferth and I am 31 years old.

I work as a teacher at a high school in Germany. I teach Science and Engineering and I have the lucky opportunity of one year off – so I decided to visit Tanzania and Malawi, for travelling and “holidays” on the one hand but I am also really interested in the Wells for Zoë project and have been for a few years since my “extended” Family and Band, Tune Up, have been supporting the project for some time.

I came here with the intention mostly to observe what the organisation does and thought I would be more a by-stander while others keep the action going. I am here now for 2 weeks and I am very happy to say that the fields of my studies especially the technical aspects of it are beneficial for some elements of the work of Wells for Zoë. Having taught at high school at different levels for nearly 5 years is a good background for educating and improving the capabilities of some of the workers I interact with here – especially in the pump-factory in Mzuzu and so I do not think of myself as a by-stander at all which gives me a great feeling…

It is very exciting and if somebody ever has questions about the volunteering I am more than happy to tell you more about it from the perspective of a volunteer.

Visited Malawi

Nov-Dec 2018

Current & ongoing Role

Technical Advisor