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Kasera, Planter

Kasera chiefs

Lovemore Lemon (the head of the project) met with the chiefs from Kasera area in Kasungu district (GVH Fontess Kasera & VH Chimbomi) and they were glad to chat with one of workers from Wells for Zoë.

“With the coming of tree planting project in Kasera area a lot of achievements have been made.

Many youths were employed to work and the crime rates have been reduced. Kasungu has been experiencing early marriages and unwanted pregnancies because young boys and girls were not attending school but now as they were engaged with this project which made them busy and they were earning some money for their day to day living. Women and Girls have managed to buy goats to raise and iron sheets for their houses.

The project will change the community since they will have plenty of trees to cultivate as managed woodlots for firewood for cooking. People are happy because they will have a community forest and the chiefs promised to take their roles in taking care of these trees as they will be monitoring weeding, making firebreaks and protecting the trees against animals. The environment will greatly change because previously the land had no trees. We will not tolerate carelessly cutting down of trees.”

GVH Fontess Kasera is indeed grateful but she is asking for more support on the project as the area has got plenty of land where more trees can be planted and they are ready to plant more indigenous trees.