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Ireen Moyo

She was born in St John’s Hospital in Mzuzu in 1991 and has only one sister. Her mother lives in Jombo and her father in Mzimba. She was schooled in Secondary school in Lupaso, Mzuzu until Form 2 only as her mother could not pay the school fees selling bananas and vegetables. Her sister was not at secondary school.

Her husband is Adamson (Head of the Farm) and they have three sons, the names are Kingsley, Chimwemwe and Wisdom. In 2016 she moved to Mzuzu at the Lusangazi Farm where she started as a dayworker and after a while she got employed by WfZ as Adamson was working there as well. Now she works especially in the citrus orchard. She learned a lot about how to make natural pesticide for crop protection so when she goes back home she could use that in her own farm or garden to grow organic food. Also she has learned how to do budding and grafting and with this technique she will be able to earn a living at home as she can grow her own strong plants. She is convinced she is doing a good job.