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Past Personal Fundraising Campaign

Gift a Pump – Clann Uí Ghallachóir

In Malawi all pump installations are special, but some are very special for me. This was the last installation on our last trip. It was as remote as one can get.

It was a small village in the back of beyonds, 6km from the nearest village on a track unfit for the few goats we came across and rattling all my weary bones out of place and back again, hopefully. It had, maybe, less than 100 people.

The village was at the top of a hill, with goats and chickens and kids, scattered around. The women seemed surprised to see us, straightened themselves up, organized the hair and clothes and we headed out about half a kilometre all down hill. When the water flowed, Cathal followed suit, into the swing of things and did an amazing oration about, Clann Uí Ghallachóir (The Gallagher family) from Donegal, the donation that made it possible, and about Sarah who had just done a month volunteering work. It was very moving.

The group responded by singing and the Chief said his few words. There will also be a sink for washing clothes there so that the women will go down and do their washing instead of carrying all that water up the hill.

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A pump installation