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Chistopher Chilembo

He was born in 1980 in Mzuzu, and is the 4th child born with 2 sisters and 6 brothers. He went to primary school in Masasa and secondary school in Moyale Barracks CDSS until Form 4 where he passed the final exam but his marks weren’t good enough for college. Carpentry and methods of fabrications in the University Technical College is where he would have loved to study, but as he didn’t repeat the exam to get better marks in order to be able to study, he didn’t have the chance so he decided to work.

In 2018 he married to Mercy Singini and they have four sons called Justice (11), Tony (8), Abel (5) and Light (1). He is working in the WfZ factory as a lathe operator since 2015.

My neighbour hired my wife for piece work in WfZ for one week. She told me to go and ask for a job. Then I worked during one month after that Steve and Alfred interviewed me, as they liked my work, and three months later I was an employee.” He thinks that the workplace is really good from the first day.

Christopher likes to work undisturbed and if there are things to discuss he prefers to solve them. “If there are personal conversations or other workers have things want to tell me, I tell them let me finish my work first” – he said.

Things are going fine now, he is happy because his life improved, his family have a better life now, and his work helps his relatives.