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Employee, Farm, Trees

Benidicto Banda

Primary ‘Model’ Farm Reseacher

Benidicto has worked for Wells for Zoë since 2007 and set up our research and ‘model’ farm in Lusangazi.

His special area of responsibility at the farm, is pest control.

We do all our pest control with things we grow, like sage, mint, chamomile, marigold, dahlia and in fact we try anything with a smell. Our new weapon, especially for caterpillar, seen in the bucket on the left, in the leaf of the tephrosia plant, which we also use as green manure. Tobacco leaf is a favourite weapon in the war!!

Benidicto is a serious researcher, doing controls, using various concentrations and keeping copious notes. All brews are used with a soap solution to eliminate surface tension.

Benidicto has no second level education, but is a leading-edge scientist.

The lab is a little rough, but we will improve that.