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Alepha is a second year student nurse. She is a young woman we are funding in the absence of state grants to student nurses. She is one or the real talents we have met since we came to Malawi.

She works for us every second of her college holidays, doing all jobs available and I’m sure, giving advice and looking after all health issues where she can.

Our First Meeting:

When we finally got to start the factory, I agreed to meet Peter the builder before 7 am on Monday but when I arrived at 6.40 I found a young woman sitting on two broken bricks.

My greeting was you’re here again; yes the same one who came over a year ago when we first levelled the site and had been back many times since.

She had the same brown envelope with her CV, I asked how she had done in her final exam at second level, complemented her on getting that far in her education, as a girl. When I asked could she add, she, quick as a flash said smiling and subtract too, and I love writing things down. I said you’ve got a job. When I asked if she could start today, I looked at the tiny high heels and nice outfit. and we both agreed a change would be good after I found her a pair of flip flops (and boots later). She went home, changed and was ready within an hour.

For a month she took full responsibility for all deliveries, signing everything in and out with great efficiency. BUT she also mixed and wheeled like everyone else, did all the other jobs and still managed her own job with great efficiency, finally I found her on a scaffolding laying bricks with the men, a great compliment to a mere girl!

She now has a three month contract and I feel great prospects. If she continues working hard, she will be a great addition to our workforce and a great help to Harisen and Charity, just what we have been looking for.

Her name is Alepha and at 19, she’s cheeky, confident and very capable.