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Adamson Chirwa – Wells for Zoë
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Adamson Chirwa

Head of the Farm & Apple Man

Adamson came to work for us on the farm after Christmas.  He is an expert on apples and with his help we will have in excess of 5000 apple seedlings this year. Where did he learn all his skills?  From his father of course.

I was so interested that we set off at 10 am to take the 200 km round trip. Of course no one told me that maybe 90 km of this spiralled skywards on less than perfect roads. Anyway it was worth it not only for the amazing views, an amazing apple orchard and of course his mothers amazing meal, ready on our arrival.

He has carved out an orchard and a good living from the mountain and difficult terrain. Not alone has he apples, but so many other fruits, berries and Brazil nuts.

He is a REAL farmer and horticulturalist, a rare enough trait in Malawi, but he lives in a remote area distant from markets.

My task now is to bring apple scions from Ireland for research, and come up with a design for a cooling shed for post harvest storage of apples to extend past the mango season.

This man is a shining light, if only he could be in Government to get Malawi moving.

The other picture shows Adamson in his role as head of propagation, preparing to graft some better mango variety on to some ordinary rootstock. The rootstock are grown from seeds, while the scions are taken from the new variety miles away.