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Omar Chione - Girl Child

Support the Girl Child – Omar Chione

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We are enabling Omar to take up her place in Secondary School. She attends at Luwinga Government Secondary school.


She was in today at our centre of Learning alone with about 45 other of our girls.


She is 17 and in Form 3. She is an orphan living with her uncle. Both parents are dead. Her uncle lost his job and wasn’t able to pay her fees, but had paid  for the first two years, which must be a huge effort.


Sadly her academic progress is poor, failing all subjects after the first term, but our view if she is doing her best, then school is the place for her. She will be a better person and her children will have a better chance to be educated.


Any chance of breaking the cycle, would be a huge success. Enabling her to avoid marriage and pregnancy might be the best we can hope for.


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