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Winnie Mhlangas - Girl Child

Support the Girl Child – Winnie Mhlangas

This is Winnie Mhlangas who got her Government School Placement a long way from her home in Embangueni. She did her first term there in Form 1, but failed to return in the New Year.

Esnart Mkandawire - Girl Child

Support the Girl Child – Esnart Mkandawire

This is Esnart Mkandawire one of the girls we enable to attend Secondary school. Her story is tragic but she has not buckled under the strain and is a real survivor. She is 18 in Form 2 and lives with a relative and her

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    We will keep you updated on the progress of where your money is spent accompanied by pictures and GPS data where relevant.


    Equally, you can keep us up-to-date with the progress of your Campaign and, if relevant, send images.