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A Special Employee

28th July 2017: This is Joyce or Joycee as she is called on the farm, where she is one of our longest serving employees. We gave her a little house and a job when we heard that she had no place to live with her son Boyd.

Chrissy and Florence

15th May 2017: Florence you know as head of the Girl Child Project. Chrissy you will have seen working in the pump factory. Chrissy came to us to cook the dinner for our staff in the Pump Factory, The Centre and the Horticulture Training Centre. Of course like


12th May 2017: This is Prominence. She works in our Centre for Learning. She has been trained as a Primary School Teacher, for three years now, but like maybe 30,000 of her colleagues, she has got no Government posting yet. To work in a primary school in

International Women’s Day

8th March 2017: This is a bit of a blast from the past. In June 2016 we had 12 volunteers from Mary I Training College in Limerick with us in Malawi and they certainly made a huge impact on all our projects but especially while working in

WOW: Women digging Wells!

16th December 2016:   This is a watershed. Up to this we were told that women were not allowed by tradition and culture to dig wells and now we have a new option. Great, wells will now be dug quicker!

18th Birthday for Cecilia

6th November 2016: This our new star Cecilia – a student nurse at St John's Hospital – with Mary and auntie Phil in the background. She is an orphan and found her way to our place in Katoto looking for help. She had been accepted for nursing, but has

Rose and the Gogo

7th Oct 2015: This gogo/grandmother is looking after three grandchildren. Rose, our secretary writes: Boss, I went to Zolozolo to see the gogo here she is, She doesn't walk but she just crawls but she manages to farm in her dimba, a little. She is always at the maize

District Development Meeting

19th Oct 2014: This might look like a picnic in the park, but it couldn't be farther from the truth.  It was a pretty serious gathering of village headmen and Chiefs. It was organised and directed by village women who work in Self Help groups organised and facilitated

Supporting the girlchild - Agness Khonje

Supporting the girlchild

2nd October 2014: Alepher writes: This programme helps the girls to develop skills and knowledge for a better tomorrow.They will be dependent on us now, but will help in developing our motherland, Malawi. Most of these girls are from remote areas and and travel unimaginable distances to strive

Another pump - maintenance

Another pump

24th September 2014: This group of women are getting a lesson in pump maintenance from Alfred. FROM: Alepher SUB: PUMP INSTALLATION DATE: 24/09/2014 Dear Boss PUMP INSTALLATION - The pump team went to Khamba area where they installed one pump, they were delayed because the jeep wouldn't start. The following are the

St Laurence O'Toole Primary School, Roundwood, County Wicklow

Roundwood, County Wicklow

3rd April 2014: Mary headed zipped down the M50 this morning to meet up with dear friend and Trinity College colleague, Margaret. Margaret teaches in St Laurence O'Toole Primary School, in one of the nicest parts of Ireland. Mary will always be the teacher and nothing excites her



28th March 2014:   This is Linda, our latest recruit. She came for interview on a Monday evening, she started work on a Tuesday morning and she hasn't had a minute's peace since. She has just graduated in Business and is trying to re-organise and re-structure us and that