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Stoves for Zoë

3rd August 2017: Some time ago I designed a little zero cost (almost) wood burning stove for cooking. It is built from local bricks, available in every village free. It is built with soil from ant hills (also free!). And it is built by hand or hands; no

Training Day for Parents of the Girl Child Project

26th May 2017: We have talked about this for a while, but Florence, who is head of this department decided to plan the first day for today. As usual with Florence, it was well planned and instead of spending a lot of money on transport to bring


28th August 2016: This is a mould for making insulated bricks for stoves. Still unused, but they must have a plan.

Final day of the fair

19th August 2016: Day three was busy and very successful. Rose writes: Boss, The first extra picture is for the Guest of honour, who commented on our products, and said that we have good products and we will really build Malawi. She was very impressed with what we

Agricultural Fair Day 2

18th August 2016: Looks like today continued with throngs of people visiting, asking questions and generally interacting with the crew. I contacted Rose after her hectic day to see if it went well: Her Reply:   The main picture shows Miriam, who is new manager of preschools. She is with us

New water storage tank

23rd Oct 2015: It is going on for a while, but finally we have the new water storage tank. At the moment there is over 200,000 litres of water here with another 100 to go. We will use this as a store and pump it uphill to another

Our pumps will help

3rd June 2014: Heavy rains over the last few weeks have led to severe flooding across Malawi. As of January 18th, an estimated 22,000 households (121,000 people) were considered displaced and 54 people killed by the flooding which have affected 15 districts. However, this number is

Turning to business 8thJan2015

Turning to business

8th January 2015: Since we arrived in Malawi I always had a view that Malawi should contribute to its own development. Pumps and wells are what we are there for and are free to everyone. However we started farming to show what could be grown and how



20th September 2014: Now that we have 25,000 improved variety fruit tree seedlings propagated where do we put them. We have the hot dry season coming up so we will have to build a shade for them. We will use local grass in preference to netting which



4th April 2014: Our irrigation system in Lusangazi farm is fairly simple. We have a series of channels around each garden, all fed by collecting water and piping some in from a higher level on a stream elsewhere. Dave and John are seen here lowering the trenches to

Farm visit & report

Farm Visit

2nd April 2014: Alepher (and Linda) popped to the farm to, as she says, supervise & monitor the work. BENEDICTO Talked to Benedicto who is in charge of the orchard, it was noted that Benedicto has started clearing the upper orchard , and supported the fruit trees. She advised Benedicto that

New Well

New Well

31st March 2014: There were no details with the picture. This is Stephen measuring the depth of a newly dug and built well. Looks like the plan was to drop in buckets and then haul them out by rope. This looks like a place for a new pump. For a