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A Well Cover

26th May 2018: As part of our Pump Servicing programme we come across the odd unusual problem. Here someone tried to steal the well cover and broke it in the process. It's amazing how many issues we have as a result of theft, considering that all a community


22nd May 2018: This is Lusungu, one of our Girl Child Students who completed her MSCE last year and qualified for the prestigious University, Chancery College. But sadly as an orphan with no one in the world, she doesn't have fees. We have employed her since her

Bishop’s Pump

16th March 2018: Rose Reported:     The picture shows Br Happy Patrick Mzumara, (a Jesuit Brother who works with the Bishop, who has invited us and given us lands where we have now sown thousands of trees, and fruit trees in expectation of losing our lands in Lusangazi


9th March 2018: It is our intention that ALL our staff learn to type and learn about the basics on Word, Excel and emailing. Here are Prominence and Fatima updating the pump installation database. Regularly when people come looking for jobs we offer them a chance to learn

pump for 122 Families

25th February, 2018: They have never thought of having a pump in the village. People have been drinking unsafe water from open wells and rivers for many years. This time WfZ team have installed a pump in the village, so many people are happy and thankful for the

Wells for Zoë new pump installation

Lazaro new pump

24th February, 2018: Open wells are sources of water in this area. People drink unsafe water from this source. This causes them to be suffering from waterborne diseases like diarrhoea. Now people are extremely happy for the donation of clean and safe water. The other problem is that,

Water Smiles Miles from everywhere

20th February, 2018: A river and open wells were sources of water in this area for many years. People have been suffering from waterborne diseases for so long due to drinking of unsafe water. Now as WfZ team have installed a pump in the area, many people were

250 Families out of Danger

20th February, 2018: This is not a new area for WfZ to install pumps. The area is very big and they have few pumps  so they are  still more digging more wells so that we can fix pumps for them. This will help them for everyone to be drinking

Communities driving their own development

It now seems like a lifetime ago since we took a crazy decision to try and do something about the state of clean water for the poorest, in Malawi, in 2005. We thought that maybe 50 pumps would relieve our shame at the attempts of the

On track to have 500 pumps installed this year

Here we have Chrissie working the chop saw.  She's holding the fort for the boys and making sure the show is still on the road. We are on track to  having 500 pumps installed by the end of 2017, bringing clean and safe drinking water

An offering of cassava from a village Gogo

In a country as poor as Malawi, there isn't much greater a gift than to be presented with food. This village gogo offered us the warmest welcome when we arrived, and sped down the steep slope to the well with an agility that would con