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Water Smiles Miles from everywhere

20th February, 2018: A river and open wells were sources of water in this area for many years. People have been suffering from waterborne diseases for so long due to drinking of unsafe water. Now as WfZ team have installed a pump in the area, many people were

250 Families out of Danger

20th February, 2018: This is not a new area for WfZ to install pumps. The area is very big and they have few pumps  so they are  still more digging more wells so that we can fix pumps for them. This will help them for everyone to be drinking

Communities driving their own development

It now seems like a lifetime ago since we took a crazy decision to try and do something about the state of clean water for the poorest, in Malawi, in 2005. We thought that maybe 50 pumps would relieve our shame at the attempts of the

On track to have 500 pumps installed this year

Here we have Chrissie working the chop saw.  She's holding the fort for the boys and making sure the show is still on the road. We are on track to  having 500 pumps installed by the end of 2017, bringing clean and safe drinking water

An offering of cassava from a village Gogo

In a country as poor as Malawi, there isn't much greater a gift than to be presented with food. This village gogo offered us the warmest welcome when we arrived, and sped down the steep slope to the well with an agility that would con


12th November 2107: Having just bored a well to accommodate a solar pump we now needed a tank for storage, so we pursued our favourite builder, Peter Zulu to come and build it and then progress to some more building work we needed. The pump first pumps

A solar powered water pump for the factory

We have a bit of work on-going at the minute. We needed a better water system for the toilets and showers at the factory as we have many girls and workers passing through. A solar powered water pump seemed to be the best option. You can see

98 more families

22nd October 2017: Many children were suffering from water borne diseases because of drinking unsafe water from open wells and rivers. Now they are grateful to WfZ for the provision of a pump in the village and from now, they will be getting good water close

Pump from San Francisco

20th  October 2017: Very thankful people to W4z for considering them by providing them a pump in the village. The chief said, its a first time to have a pump in the village. They were using water from open wells and rivers and that they have a pump

Clean water from Kildare

19th October 2017: People are thankful to w4z for giving them a free pump as most organisations charge a lot of money. They have also been getting dirty water from open wells and swamps. They are extremely happy for the pump which provides them with clean and safe

Clean water from Longford

18th October 2017: Many problems in their village but at least they are releaved because their main problem was water. Women and girls had to walk long distance to fetch water. They are now very happy especially women who now have water very close to home. Girls can

So thankful for their first clean water.

17th October 2017 So excited  and thankful people are the people in this area  because of the pump has been installed here. They were walking long distances to fetch for clean and safe water. Now they have a pump close to them, and have promised to pray