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Progress Report: One Million

24th June 2018: The picture shows Musilo Moyowithu CBO, (close to the polluting CITY waste disposal) where they have started transplanting pine seedlings.   Prominence sent me this report:

New Dam

23rd June 2018: When the president announced that he was going to acquire our lands in Lusangazi for an Airport, the Bishop of Mzuzu Diocese, John Ryan came to our assistance immediately and offered us a place to plant our fruit trees. This year to date we

50,000 trees

22nd June 2018: Laston and Prominence are in a new area after Laston travelled the 300 km plus, last night by bus. In other pics the Chief has his notebook writing excitedly about all the procedures. There looks to be a real buzz about the place.   Prominence writes:

#1MillionTrees Continues

21st June 2018: This is the frightening vista of land without trees. This area is Kasungu about 270 Km from base in Mzuzu. We were invited here by Paul (on the left) to work with his Youth Group and we have already installed numerous pumps in the past

Planting a million trees

20th June 2018 They call it Mphompha Forest tree planting Programme under Wells for Zoë. On the right distributing seeds and potting tubes in a unique man Golden Mlowoka Chirwa, who is the father of Adamson, apple tree expert and leader on our farms in Lusangazi. This is


19th June 2018: This is Prominence and Miriam working with another community today explaining the process of growing trees. They have dug a section of land which they will level and cover with sans. Then they will plant the seeds, water and cover to protect from the hot

Counting tree seeds

Our plan this year is to plant 1 million pine trees for forestry regeneration, Eucalyptus for poles for a quick return for the poorest and then some firewood trees, fruit trees and nitrogen fixing trees as well. Our big first task was to locate the pines

Tree Seeds

5th June 2018: Here are Angelina and Maggie drying and selecting pine seeds in our little greenhouse at the Centre for Learning. Our plan is to have 1 million trees growing next season. It's a pretty enormous task considering that with most of the forests cut down,

Planting Trees

Our big focus this year is joining a few more dots in our programme. We are working hard on planting 1 Million Trees. (#1millionTrees)

Potting seeds

14th May 2018: Another stage of the tree planting process is transferring the tiny seedlings to tubes. These ladies are learning the procedure in the lands of the Bishop's residence. Our horticultural operation in Lusangazi is in imminent danger of being wiped out by a Presidential order. He has

Seed Saving

9th May 2018: These are pine seeds, collected from the forest. Our tree guys have been collecting for the past few weeks now hoping to deliver a million seeds before the season ends in a few weeks. When the acorns are collected we leave them in this greenhouse

Tree Planting Project

5th May 2018: The picture shown Pius (on the left) a friend since 2007, when we came to work and build a three-classroom primary school block with 10 students from DIT, Dublin. On the right is Laston, head of our newly formed tree department. Most days in