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I don’t remember classes in Maths being enjoyable!

9th August 2018: These girls look to be having fun in their Maths class. Not surprising as we have a wonderful teacher. Maths is everyone's worst subject and with poorly trained, underpaid teachers, in classes nearing 100, it's not surprising. Lets hope they had lots of fun and food

Visit to the Farm

8th August 2018: As part of our Summer Camp activities we have decided to expand past the Academic, so today one group of girls went to the farm in Lusangazi to look at our Climate Smart Horticulture, Fruit tree production and growing a range of local

Feeding the Masses

21st July 2018: Last year we support 262 girls in Secondary school and collected most on Saturdays for classes, both academic and practical (around food production and tree planting). Since most people in Malawi are hungry most of the time, feeding them is a big issue. They get

Education is the Key

20th July 2018: A day or two in the life of an amazing woman About ten years ago we met this young woman working on womens issues in a village. What was noticeable about her was her confidence and how her views were valued and accepted for

Potting at the Centre

14th July 2018: Today, as all other Saturdays, is a learning day for the Girl Child Student project. Since we are now planting 100,000 trees there we feel it's important to teach every girl how to grow trees as it might be the best and most profitable

Dealing with Abuse

2 July 2018: Florence (here on her computer) is head of our Girl Child Student project where she looks after and manages the lives of 262 girls, that we support in Secondary School. More recently she has been invited to work with sections of Ministry dealing with


24th June 2018: Part of our Girl Child Student's Education involves Horticulture and teaching them how to grow their own food. This plot is looking good even thought we use no expensive fertiliser but instead use nitrogen fixing plants. All our pests are taken care of by crushing

All 42 Girls finish Secondary School

16th June 2018: Last week the head of our Girl Child Project Florence asked me what I thought of having a celebration for 42 of our girls who were now departing to do their final Secondary School exam. She advised that she would not spend a lot


9th June 2018: Feeding all our girls is a big job. The diet is simple Nsima: a boiled maize flour almost 100% carbohydrate Tomato and Cabbage relish And either beans or small fish Regularly it is their main meal for a day or two. Not much of a choice, but hunger is

Netball, after a fashion

2nd June 2018: You will know that we support 260 Girls in Secondary School. We send transport to bring as many as we can in to Saturday Classes on their Curriculum. Some come from up to thirty kilometres away and even before we pick them some may


22nd May 2018: This is Lusungu, one of our Girl Child Students who completed her MSCE last year and qualified for the prestigious University, Chancery College. But sadly as an orphan with no one in the world, she doesn't have fees. We have employed her since her

New Blackboard

16th May 2018: Most Blackboards in Malawi are like this; plastered and painted black (with blackboard paint). This is Peter Zulu and he is very skilled in this area. He does most of our building work. There'll be more happy people on Saturday. What are interactive whiteboards anyway!!!!!