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Planting Tephrosia seeds

18th February 2017: Another Saturday and more Horticulture for the girls. It is almost impossible to change farming culture in Malawi. We grow wonderful Maize crops without artificial fertiliser, but no one is impressed. It just doesn’t seem to sink in, even though millions will...

Tephrosia Spray

29th January 2017: Here Benidicto has crushed up some Tephrosia leaves and soaked in water. This is an organic pesticide for killing Stalkborer in the maize  
Wezzie Nyirenda

Earth Day

Happy Earth Day and congratulations on your 50th Anniversary. Wells for Zoë supports Climate Action by planting trees in Malawi

Forestry Report from Jolozi

Today we went to distribute seeds and monitor nurseries at Jolozi. This place is very far from Mphompha. It took us two hours on a motorbike from Mphompha to arrive to this area.

Youth Groups

We visited and distributed seeds at Mphomwa area where interestingly the clubs are composed of youths. 16,000 seeds and tubes have been distributed. Each club has received 4,000 seeds.
Enyezini aerial gully & planting holes

Planting indigenous Trees

We are at the end of the 2020-2021 planting season having supported communities planting more than 2 million indigenous trees in Malawi.

90th Birthday Gift

22nd April 2020: The installation was good and people gathered in their numbers to witness the installation. They dug a small pond where they were drawing water for cooking and drinking. People in this village were very happy to have clean water in the village....
Wezzie Nyirenda

Climate Action Campaign

Tree planting can tackle our climate crisis and also help some of the world’s poorest provide for their families and grow a source for food.
Function in Mphompha with TA & MBC

Trip to Mphompha, Rumphi

Last Tuesday, I was lucky enough to go on the trip with John, Rose, Harisen and Adamson to Mphompha in Rumphi district, to attend a function for the celebration of the Wells for Zoë #1millionTrees project in the area. Malawian radio and television company MBC also came along!!!


6th August 2018: Weevils can destroy up to a quarter of stored Maize grain if not treated. The regular treatment in Malawi is a noxious chemical. Our solution is to use the ground-up leaves of local nitrogen fixing plant called Tephrosia. The dried leaves are...

Enyezni Forest Project

16th July 2018: FOREST REPORT FROM ENYEZINI From: Prominence and Laston Venue: Enyezini CDSS PEOPLE PRESENT The head teacher of Enyezini CDSS, Deputy head, GVH Satiyele and other 9 village headman, A.D.C chairperson and his committee. PURPOSE OF VISITING To distribute seeds Training them on...