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Youth Groups

From Lovemore:

We visited and distributed seeds at Mphomwa area where interestingly the clubs are composed of youths.

16,000 seeds and tubes have been distributed. Each club has received 4,000 seeds.

The indigenous seeds they have received are Mwabvi and Mthethe. We also gave them tephrosia seeds.

We taught them how to do seed treatment before sowing, potting into tubes, how and where to make nursery beds. The youths have got much interest and are very excited to be part of the project. They asked that we should not take too long time not to visit them because when they get visited they are encouraged and if they have challenges they are resolved when they are visited.

Phone contacts have been collected for all the clubs and some are WhatsApp numbers.

We told them that after a month we are going to do a process evaluation to see how they are performing on the ground.


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