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Embangweni Preschools

6th October 2018:

One of the pillars of our Educational projects are preschools. Its the beginning and If kids don’t start before the school entry age of  six they are often lost and never attend school.

Last time in Malawi i met the leaders and community of a large area almost 200 km from Base called Embangweni.

They were passionate about water and Preschools.
Water is a standard requirement and strangely preschools are always second.

This community  (women mainly)  had set up 50 Community Based Organisation CBO’s as the call them, but despite begging everyone for years no one had come to with training which is all they asked.

They were passionate which included every soul from The TA (the biggest of traditional Authority Leaders – Chiefs)

Imagine all the millions spent by the Aid Business and many promised all kinds of things but no one came back with either pumps or Training

My promise to them was that we would do both.

At this stage we have installed 50 pumps.

Here in the picture are Margaret on the left and Miriam on the right beginning the process in another school.
Just a little training and they’re off.
Of course that little school building needs attention where we will help , but what they want is a little help and they will be magical.

I think they may have reached the 50 locations in three visits and these people are up and running.

Watch this space for developments which will be frightening.

They brought Laston on the forestry project and Harisen on irrigation pumps and fuel efficient cook stoves.

They left before 7am today and will arrive home after 11 pm tomorrow

What an amazing crew. People who really care and certainly not in it for the money.
They appreciate what they are achieving.

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