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14th September 2018:

These four mothers (yes they are young!) are waiting to meet Florence, head of our Girl Child Student project, through which we support girls through their Second Level education.

We only take the very poorest, those who have no chance of secondary education without us.

Last year we supported 262 and we now almost replaced the 45 who finished during the Summer.

Funding of course is vital and finding donors just gets more difficult all the time as those with too much want more and more. Our donors are amazing but they do know that we have no overheads or expenses and 100% of their donation will reach their desired destination (a rarity these days).

If we can take their girls, these young women, who probably have little education themselves and who know the value of getting through school, will leave cheering, singing and dancing.

It’s so easy to change a life forever.

I love this project.

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