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Mphompha Forestry Project under WfZ

31st August 2018:

Message from Harisen:


Went to Mphompha, with Adamson and Prominence, where we visited 11 groups and they are the most inspired group of people I have ever met. We began our journey at 5 am to get as much done as possible.

They have very big land and willing to plant as many trees as possible.

Their nurseries are very well set up and managed with very excellent supervision from Golden Chriwa, the Project Manager.

Most places are very hard to reach, due to the topography of the area and distances.

I talked to Golden about cheap or free land to buy, to set up a centre of excellence and he said it is possible to find it there, he will inquire from chiefs and will let us know.

He was very happy to have a new phone with GPS and WhatsApp. The only challenge is that there is no network signal in many places.

At the end of the day we were all very tired and dead.

At the moment they agree they will easily reach their target of 860,000 trees, with their 39 groups involving about 800 women and men, but more people are adding all the time.


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