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Mphompha Forestry Project under WfZ

22nd July 2018:

This is Golden Chirwa, one of the most amazing people I have ever met, examining the work of one of the groups he has set up with the ail of planting an enormous Forest.

These seedlings belong to one of the more than 30 groups of women and men who have sen out on this adventure with our help this year.

They will plant about 20 hectares each of mainly pine trees, and Eucalyptus and others as well.

They have already potted over half a million pine seedlings and will soon start on Eucalyptus.

This is a serious man with serious people around him and I wont be really surprised if they have planted a million seedlings by the end of February next.

Yes, I did say One Million Trees (#1millionTrees)

Other of our areas are doing well but might struggle to reach another million.

For our first year in the forestry business one million was our target,
Everything after that will be a huge bonus.

10 Euros will plant 100 trees

You can eliminate your carbon footprint by donating

  • Ezaius Mkandawire

    December 23, 2018at20:57 Reply

    Mphompha in Rumphi happens to be my ancestral home though I live in the capital of Malawi. I am interested in growing trees particularly pine trees. I would love if we discussed more.

  • badspiegel

    December 9, 2019at23:56 Reply

    Thank you very much we send You 100 Trees

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