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Another Preschool on the move

10th July 2018:

With the number now at seventy two the need for preschools just continues to grow. Even the poorest realise that education is a possible route out of the dire poverty they endure.
Formal education by the state begins at six, and now even the poorest rural people are realising that this is much to late and without preschooling many children never go to school at all.

Miriam wrote:

Hello Boss,


Margaret and myself went back to this area after our first visit with forestry team, because we noticed that children were just hanging  around. We were told that preschool was closed now for 3 years. After talking to them they said if the teachers could be up skilled up then the school could open again, since it was closed because caregivers were not trained.

This visit was to chat with caregivers and started them up with the presence of children.

It was great  to spend a day with them and we had a man and a woman as caregivers identified by the chief and community.


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