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Preschool Rollout

6th June 2018:



Number of children present: 35
Caregivers: 2

This is a community preschool which started in 2009. They have never had any workshop or training from the Government or anyone else until Wells for Zoë helped them with phase 1 and 2 workshop which began in Mica, in 2017.

We now visit regularly and help them with daily work lessons.

The place is very good and we helped them with   sample materials for play areas.

The only problem is that today the children did not have porridge since they don’t have a proper pot for cooking porridge.

The challenge is that if there is no food at school the children don’t attend classes because it not all parents who manage to give their children’s breakfast. As a result they don’t concentrate in class.

The parents managed to contribute flour for cooking porridge.

They are asking for help with the purchase of a cooking  pot, so that they can continue cooking as they used to do.

From Miriam and Margaret

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