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Preschool with 106 students – Wells for Zoë
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Preschool with 106 students

26th March 2018:

Written by Miriam




This preschool started in 2017, by the women group for different churches who came together after noting this problem. They contribute money to pay for a house every month which accommodates 106 children from the area. They are also saving money to buy a plot to build their own school.

These people are hard working because they have a garden at Chamalaza where they grew maize and soya for the children, and some parents also help them they work as a team, they walk 3 km  to reach the garden.  They had this idea because of lack of preschool around the area. The children at this area they are waiting to reach six years to start in primary school. This becomes a problem for children to pick up at school. They feel shy hence failing to do well.

During the first visit we helped them with the idea of registering with social welfare to be recognized by the government which they have done. Then we invited the caregivers to attend workshop at the factory.



92 children, 3 caregivers, 5 committee members, then Miriam and Margret from Wells for Zoë.



Practical lesson to show caregivers how to teach the children, after having a workshop with them at the Centre, they are doing very well. Then we had outdoor games which helps the children to be physically fit, then we had story time…..then they had lunch time were they eat porridge



They are very thankful to WfZ for the support and guidance which will assist their project to go on well….they  need support of a pot for porridge they have  small pots which becomes difficult to feed all the children at once.


Thanks from,

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