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Some of the 255 Girls we Support

5th January 2018:

These are some of the 255 girls we enable to take up their places in Secondary School.

We have nine qualified teachers who give classes at weekends and during holidays.

These girls come form the poorest families imaginable.

You might ask how poor?

What if I tell you that before Christmas we distributed 100 pairs of knickers and bras because many had no knickers and none had bras.

Can you imagine that this is 2018?

What if I tell you that they all miss several days each month as a result of feminine issues. They have no sanitary pads, so they are all now sewing and making their own, re-usable ones of course, and so are their mothers and grannies.

We just joined a few more dots and we are on it.

Of course any help you can give us would be great to help us expand the programme.

Despite every possible obstacle these girls are doing very well academically, with the slightest little push from us.

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