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An offering of cassava from a village Gogo

In a country as poor as Malawi, there isn’t much greater a gift than to be presented with food. This village gogo offered us the warmest welcome when we arrived, and sped down the steep slope to the well with an agility that would con you out of correctly summing his 84 years.

It was hot and the hardest of the five treks we did that day to install the five pumps we had on our list to get to.

On the way back up, this gogo, quick and light on his feet, stopped and pulled and tugged at a relatively large cassava shrub until it loosened it’s tight and rooty grip on the soil. When we reached the top and headed towards the jeep he wanted to thank us again for bringing clean water to the village – the first time in his life to experience having a clean water source to drink from.

He presented me with the cassava, and as is done here, we divided it up amongst the Wells For Zoë team and all had a munch on it to keep us going until we got through the remaining pump installations.

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