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Five pumps and questionable sunglasses – Wells for Zoë
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Five pumps and questionable sunglasses

It’s my 41st visit to Malawi and heading out with Alfred and Harrisen to install five pumps, in five different villages, in one day is tough going.

I like to be where it most matters though, and seeing the sheer happiness and awe on the faces of gogos and children alike  – when clear water starts to shoot out from the spout of the pump –  is something that will never get old. It truly is amazing to witness the journey of it all, from the workshop to the village and the reaction of the villagers there after.

I think it might be my navy sunglasses with white polkadots that keep me going…or maybe it’s knowing that the lives of some of Malawi’s amazing women may have been made just a small bit easier.

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