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No electricity or internet? To the garden it is!

There is currently a major electricity issue in Malawi that has gotten progressively worse over the last number of months. For our volunteers, they arrived at a time where there are now spells of electricity outages for up to 30 hours.

It’s frustrating when there is work to be done that requires power and internet, but none the less there is always other work to be done elsewhere!

Here we have Laura laying down some Tephrosia in the garden. This is a wonderful plant that we grow as it has many uses! When it grows, it acts as an excellent nitrogen fixer as the soil here really lacks it. In this picture, it is being used for soil protection, but we also grind it up and use it as an organic pesticide.

When there is no power in the factory… then there is still plenty to be done using manpower (or womanpower!).

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