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Mary’s words of wisdom

When myself and Mary first met, I was the quieter one. Mary was always amazing at her job. A wonderful teacher and there wasn’t much you’d get past her!

Her teaching  career has undoubtedly been a huge asset to Wells For Zoë as she tries to get the best out of the girls. Here, Mary is talking with one of our senior girls as she tells her story of home life, how she came to be a part of Wells For Zoë and what work she is doing at the factory. This girls story is one of great strength. She was abandoned by both parents as her mother split from her Father and married again. Her mother started a new family with her new husband and had no desire to keep her anymore, as she had new children from her new family to care  and provide for.

This girl tracked down her Father, who also offered no support and so she went to live with her gogo who was sick. She lived with him and spent her time caring for him. Mary was not satisfied by the way she casually told this story, and corrected her in saying that she must be more confident and proud of herself for caring for her gogo and for all of the hard work she put in at school – achieving great results and triumphing against all of the odds stacked against her.

Martina is currently assisting Rose, the Wells For Zoë secretary, assisting with book-keeping and administration, typing, working in the garden and most recently offering support to some of our form 4 girls who are struggling with classwork  and who attend extra tuition with us on Saturdays! She is an amazing young women and a great example to our younger girls coming through.

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