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Knickers for Girls

21st October 2017:

I really never know what to call female underwear. Maybe they are pants but what seems to get a reaction is knickers. Whatever they are called they have made our girls in Saturday School very happy which makes me very thankful to all those who have helped and supported this Girl Child Project.

Many girls just don’t have them, no one has two pairs and even fewer have bras.

We now support 248 girls in secondary schools so that is about 500 smalls as they may be called.

When our four volunteers went out last week, I think they had maybe 400, with Sandy hijacking one outlet, in Cork, and coming away with 250!!.
Florence has managed one pair for each girl and bras for the older age groups, as a beginning.
Smalls for all is my ambition, but we will begin with our own little girls.
Bad and all is this for the dignity of our girls worse is still to come.
I realize now that none of our 248 girls will have sanitary pads,  REUSABLE/WASHABLE of course. The culture will allow no other solution.

If we could get the toweling materials etc, we could set up small sewing clubs, sewing by hand to begin with and maybe manual machines later, Sheer delight for girls and women and maybe a little business for poor village women. And yet another chance to join a few more dots for us
Any ideas, help, exposure, or even expressions of sympathy would be wonderful

This should not be a Feminist issue alone turning the skies red and it doesn’t, but a major Human Rights scandal.

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