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Pump from San Francisco

20th  October 2017:

Very thankful people to W4z for considering them by providing them a pump in the village.
The chief said, its a first time to have a pump in the village. They were using water from open
wells and rivers and that they have a pump in the village, they are very thankful. They wish
W4z all the best and continue assisting poor people in all the villages.



District:  Kasungu
Area:  Mwase
Village:  Kasika
Distance from factory:  246 km
Depth of well:  6.8 meters
Former water source:  stream
Furthest from well:  370 meters
Number served:  76 families
Preschool:  1 hr.
Primary school:  1 hr.
Secondary school:  2 hrs.



S: 13   01   52
E: 33   24   34



Thomas Banda: no phone



In loving memory Tommy Kang, San Francisco, U.S.A


Pump Number


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