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Clean water from Longford

18th October 2017:

Many problems in their village but at least they are releaved because their main problem was
water. Women and girls had to walk long distance to fetch water. They are now very happy especially
women who now have water very close to home. Girls can also go to school regularly. Many thanks to w4z for helping so many very poor people, was the Chief’s comment



District:  Kasungu
Area:  Mwase
Village:  Ankhala
Distance from factory:  247 km
Depth of well:  8.6  meters
Former water source:  open well
Furthest from well:  390  meters
Number served:  77 families
Preschool:  15 mins
Primary school:  1 hr.
Secondary school:  1 hr.



S: 13   03   28
E: 33   24   55



Chimwemwe Banda: none



Marie Farrell and family, Longford, Ireland


Pump Number


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