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Small beginnings – Wells for Zoë
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Small beginnings

22nd September 2017:

Since we began this tree planting project, where almost all the trees have been cut down, by Government to sell and export, or by the tobacco industry, we had one question:
Why don’t you plant trees and the amazing answer everywhere is: “No one ever taught us how to collect, save and plant seeds”.
Hard to believe, but we have no reason not to believe them.



From: Prominence, Laston and Lusungu
Date: 22nd September, 2017.
Venue: Mawowa village

We were in Chigwere area in V.H Mawowa under G.V.H Kapanda Chigwere. This V.H Mawowa who was very much interested in agroforestry the time we attended the V. D.C meeting on 25th of July which we were invited by the G.V.H Kapanda Chigwere to explain more on what W4Z is doing so that we can also be assisting them.

This time V.H Mawowa invited us to go and see what they have done with his villagers on agro forest with the little seeds they had so that we have to teach them because they are lacking knowledge on how to sow, pot tubes and how to plant in potted tubes. We have seen that he is really much interested in planting trees because they have sown a little bit of pine, they have potted some tubes, made a shade for it and they are trying to make compost manure. This showed that they are really interested but they need a little help from us, so we told them that we will go back to teach them because many people were not there because they had another development of building a J.P school within the village.

Secondly as we were near to Mzgola C.D.S.S, we went to meet the head teach to see on what they have done on the seeds we gave them at school. So he showed the place where students have planted the seeds on potted tubes.

The V.H Mawowa is very much interested and he said that, he really want to be planting trees with his people and need us to teach them. The head teacher too said that, he will continue planting with his students because they need more trees around the school.

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