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Happiness is Clean water. Imagine!

20th September 2017

They have so many challenges in this village and water is the major one. Women were walking long distances in search of clean and safe water. Now as we have installed a pump in their village, they are very happy for the great help.



District:  Kasungu
Area:  Nkhongwe 2
Village:  Mtani
Distance from factory:  262  km
Depth of well:  8.3 meters
Former water source:  open well
Furthest from well:  500  meters
Number served:  70  families
Preschool:  None
Primary school:  2 hrs.
Secondary school:  3 hrs.



S: 12   55  00
E: 33   22   01



Pricica Mvula: 0997716007



Terefech, Aiden, Caleb and Alena


Pump Number


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