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Another Preschool Visit

8th September 2017:



written by Miriam (Head of preschools)


VENUE: Tivwilane C.B.O. at Chamalaza



Chamalaza community members,

G.V.H. Lukhanda,

3 Village Heads,

Tivwilane Women’s Group and

Wells for Zoë team for Preschools, Forestry and Pumps.


This is the second time to be at this place after having workshop at the office in Luwinga with the caregivers. The first visit was a follow up to do practical work with caregivers and children, then we noted that these women have maize to feed the children, they have a garden where they are growing these maize. This year they have 4 bags of maize to feed these children. We noted one problem, they did not have a pot to cook porridge for 75 children, They were borrowing the pot from a house closely which was not big enough to feed all the children.

We brought them a big pot to use for cooking porridge for 75 children, plates, cup and spoons. We have helped them with these items as  part of encouraging them to go on with the great work they are doing.



  • Teaching caregivers practical work with the children (Lesson plan)
  • Group work with children and caregivers
  • Story time (We invited old man to tell a children’s folktale)
  • Children eating porridge



The G.V.H. of this community was very thankful to Wells for Zoë for the support. He said we should continue helping this development in many areas because it is the key to a bright education future for our children.
All the rest of the team did their work as well.
Miriam demonstrated the growing of firewood trees and left seeds and potting tubes, while Harisen spoke about pumps and the irrigation pumps.


The visit went very well.

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