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18th August 2017:

Report from Miriam and Margaret

Venue: Kapirimuhoto Junior Primary school

People present: The senior chief Jozani Tyongani, G.V.Hs, V.Hs, Head of Kapirimuhoto Junior School, Secretary of Kapirimuhoto Junior school, caregivers from Mulunguzi, Muduzi and Kapirimuhoto C.B.C.C, the community and W4z team.



Checking on registration of children in 3 new preschools: Mnduzi (30), Mlunguzi (36), Kapirimhoto (31).

Workshop procedure Phase 1 activities which include hearing from them what they know about preschools.

Then it was introduction to preschool activities… and also to encourage them to use local available resources.This include environment materials to be uses.

There were caregivers  13 and 3 committee members from 3 different preschools

The caregivers were very excited to have this workshop, because they were willing to start preschool in this area but they were looking for support to start. They are thanking W4Z for this workshop and guidance.

The Senior Chief thanked us a lot he said that, children in this area were not attending preschool… so this was a big challenge for children to do well in primary school. They have talked to 3 different Churches where children will be using as classes during the week.

They are requesting to come here and learn more about preschool and forestry.

Alfred spoke about the forestry and tree growing, while Miriam and Harisen introduced our pumps and irrigation pumps.

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