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Final day of the fair

19th August 2016:

Day three was busy and very successful.

Rose writes:

Boss, The first extra picture is for the Guest of honour, who commented on our products, and said that we have good products and we will really build Malawi. She was very impressed with what we are doing since the first day she came to our stand and today she came again to tell us to keep it up.

Everyone’s comments are that we should go a head with what we are doing because we will help a lot of people in all areas.

On behalf of my fellow workers I would like to thank you Boss for your support for our show.  It has been most successful we have gained a lot of experience and next time will not hesitate when receive the invitation. We were the best of all groups people were always at our stand which is because of your encouragement day and night failing to sleep, but now we have a achieved something never done before and Wells for Zoë now will be known everywhere.

The smiling faces in the main pic are Rose, Miriam, Florence and Adamson.

The extra pic has the guest of Honour (I will find out who) and others from the organising committeew4z Agricultural Fair organising committee

Alfred wrote:

The Agriculture show finished up well and we as Wells for zoe have benefited a lot, since now we are known to everyone. People came from all regions (South, Central and Northern parts of Malawi). I myself I have talked to different people from all these regions. And everyone praised us for the services we are giving for people more especially the poor People. I was also very much impressed to see our pavilion to be one of the centre of attraction. No one could pass our pavilion without either asking questions about our both pumps or buying our trees. We were amoungst the best five organisations.


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