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Agricultural Fair Day 2

18th August 2016:

Looks like today continued with throngs of people visiting, asking questions and generally interacting with the crew.

I contacted Rose after her hectic day to see if it went well:

Her Reply:

Yes, Boss and people are very happy with our products.  We will be known everywhere and we have taken so many contacts. We have also designed our own to give them. It is very colourful some were even dancing showing the happiness for what we have and what we do. It is really encouraging and the cooperation we have between us Boss is very super.


The main picture shows Miriam, who is new manager of preschools.
She is with us since 2008 and for the past 4 years she has gone back and completed her Secondary Schooling. Here she looks to be talking to the press about her work.


The pic on the left above shows Florence who is manager of our Girl Child Project, with Adamson our expert on apples, discussing the fruit trees

Another pic from the day (not shown here) has Margaret who we are supporting in going back to Secondary School at the age of 41, after eight children. I expect she is spreading the word that it is never too late and that there is support from our amazing donors.

The pic on the right above looks like a bit of a dance with one of the visitors to the stand.
(Margaret on the left is the best dancer I know)
Adamson looks like he’s having a rest or falling off his chair laughing!!

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