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First in her Class of 89

7th August 2016:

How can anyone learn in a class of 89, and then how could you possibly come first.

This is Grace Chipofia, who managed to do both.

She is 15 and just finished Form 3, in Chipavi CDSS.

She has 1 brothers and 3 sisters and lives about about 60 minutes walk to school.

She lives with both parents. her mother  is doing small business and her father is doing piece works, when he can get any work at all. Due to a large family her parents failed to help Grace in terms of school fees. But small materials like copies, uniform, they tried.

Term 1
Agriculture 56%
Biology 48%
Chichewa 84%
English 43%
Geog 58%
History 57%
Maths 43%
Physics 51%
Social 70%

Term 2
Agriculture 45
Biology 62
Chichewa 51
English 74
Geography 70
History 66
Maths 32
Physics 40
Social studies 45

Even though results dropped she has managed to get first place in her class of 89 in both exams.

She is a very hard worker and serious about her education and her future

Sponsor:  Michael and Gabi Dalferth, 89551 Königsbronn, Germany

And their band Tune Up, who have been one of our best supporters since the beginning

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