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Our girl in a class of 120. Incredible!

5th August 2016:

This is Angellah Mwale. She is 15 and just finished Form 2, in Ekwendeni Secondary School. She has 3 sisters and lives about about 100 minutes walk to school.

She is living with both parents, who both have Aids illness. So she is the one taking care of her parents. For her education she is in trouble, because the little income her mother gets is from medicine and soap.

She was sent to school by Chigomezu Cluster (charity works), which came to an end. So Angellah thought that her future in education had come to end, until she found us. She and her family need a lot of support in so many ways, but our donors are amazing.

Term 1
Agriculture 56%
Biology 46%
Chichewa 62%
English 59%
Geography 32%
History 49%
Life Skills 29%
Maths 12%
Physics 17%
Social Studies 38%

Term 2
Agriculture 46%
Bible Knowledge 45%
Biology 29%
Chichewa 63%
English 56%
Geography 26%
Life Skills 45%
History 72%
Maths 20%
Physics 31%
Social Studies 36%

Angellah has done very well since she arrived and has full attendance at Saturday school even though she is a long distance away and in a remote area.

So hard to believe is that she is in a class of 120 in school!

Of course if you ask big NGO’s or Governments what they are doing for Education, they will immediately point to their huge work in school enrolment. Aren’t they wonderful, I say,  as I avoid the truth!

Sponsor:  Michael and Gabi Dalferth, 89551 Königsbronn, Germany

And their band Tune Up, who have been one of our best supporters since the beginning

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