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New water storage tank

23rd Oct 2015:

It is going on for a while, but finally we have the new water storage tank.
At the moment there is over 200,000 litres of water here with another 100 to go.
We will use this as a store and pump it uphill to another tank, to water the citrus orchard. We have seen no rain since April last except for the odd shower to keep the dust down.

Rose reports on the rest of the morning’s work:

Boss, Here you are with the information from the farm,

  1. peaches fruits ready for sales
  2. oranges that has entered in the green house
  3. Mangoes that are ready for sales. All the 700 banana trees have been cut down, because of the virus, so that the land should be cleared for next year’s new bananas.
  4. we went again to a well at Chipambo village at Lusangazi. road-block.
  5. The big pond is finished and it is now full of water they joined a pipe at a certain dimba and water flows in as you can see the pipe and the pond is nearly full.

The maize that you left they are growing very well.Those bananas are the ones that has got a disease so that is why they have been removed off in the garden, they also dug two small wells the first one is full of water but the other one there is  need to dug further for them to have plenty water.Yesterday they were working in the orchard they were making basins in the oranges so that water should not run away everything is clear. The last one is the orange that has started giving fruits in the orchard.

So tomorrow too its when Alfred will get good pics for all the 64 girls, we are paying fees for.  By 9.00am it will be over.


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