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Supporting the girlchild - Agness Khonje

Supporting the girlchild

2nd October 2014:

Alepher writes:

This programme helps the girls to develop skills and knowledge for a better tomorrow.They will be dependent on us now, but will help in developing our motherland, Malawi.

Most of these girls are from remote areas and and travel unimaginable distances to strive for excellence. The average distance of 5-7 km to reach the school. Their families depend on farming and in the dry season eat once a day to survive.

Wells for Zoë selected four girls from Choma Community Day Secondary School CDSS about 34km from Mzuzu city. This school has seven teachers, it has a capacity of 200 students. But over the years it has less than that because most students travel long distances. This year the local community decided to build a hostel so that the students should be able to reside on the premises. The hostel will have 10 rooms and not yet finished.

The students are supposed to bring their own food and the school have plans for employing a cook to help them.

On 15th September Wells for Zoë visited this school and we met a Mrs LG Khoza the deputy headmaster of this school. She was very impressed with us coming and offering to support some from their school.

“These girls really need support because they travel a very long distance, and only four form one students have reported as of now because of the same problem.”

Four girls were interviewed to check if the have the requirements and all of them were picked. We met their parents later the same week and they were also delighted and they promised to support.

The picture shows one: Agness Khonje


  • She was selected from Kawulasi primary school
  • She lives with both parents
  • They are farmers
  • They grow maize and beans
  • They source money by selling these.

I am noting that 16 is old to begin Secondary school and she will only finish, if she has the staying power to do so, at 20, where girls are expected to be long married and have 2 or 3 children.

WE will stick with these 4 strong young women and try and meet their needs which are many.
Their school fees are about 10 Euros per term. BUT we may even have to support the whole family to ensure her attendance.

This is a very positive community and have made a great start to helping themselves, so we will do what we can.

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