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Staff Meeting

17th Sept 2014:

A report from Alepher:

Date: 17/09/2014
Venue: Lusangazi farm


• Review of farm
• Review of factory
• Duties and responsibilities of workers

1. Openning prayer
The meeting started with a prayer by Wezzie Nyirenda

2. Introduction
All the workers did self introduction and they mentioned their duties and responsibilities

3. Reports
Lusangazi farm report was read by Mr Felix Phiri farm supervisor

Their objectives were:
• Increase fruit tree nursery stock by second quarter (Apr-Jun)
• Potting successfully seedlings

They reported that they have a target of 25,000 fruit tree and they have 25,443 in tubes
They have grafted 600 avocado pears

Planned Activties
• They were proposing to camp in an area for 3days to collect mango stones in November
• They want to experiement with decomposed sawdust and it will need more manure because it has less nutrients
• They need blacksoil to finish the nursery of lemons,pawpaws,white guava and red guava
• They also need a pump to help with irrigation
• They are proposing to construct a very big shade to accommodate about 20,000 fruit trees
The vegetable production(lower farm)
They have a demonstration garden for seeds to be tested
They grew vegetables for sale
They archard has been pruned and they are watering it.

They report was given by Steven
They reported that they have 627 pumps in stock
They also reported that they have new areas for pump installation
Like Chikwina, Chigwere and other neighbouring areas

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