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Saturday Farm Meeting

23rd August 2014:

Not too many people in Malawi work on Saturday, which constantly amazes me in such a poor country. All our staff work, while some go to Church.

This meeting looks pretty official, note the chairs!!

The weekly report from the farm goes:

From: John Mtonga
Date: 23 August 2014
Subject: Vegetable Production Report

18/08/14 Collecting Manure
Putting in holes (Plot 6)
20/08/14 Making beds (Plot 5)
21/08/14 Making beds (Plot 5)
22/08/14 Making beds (Plot 5)


From: Benedicto
Date: 23 August 2014
Subject: Weekly Report from Orchards

Basins Number
Completed 200
Remaining 200

Spraying whole orchard with Mr. Mafuse

Next Week:
Start applying manure to citruses
Mulching will be started


From: Laston Nkhoma
Date: 23 August 2014
Subject: Weekly Report (15th-22nd August 2014)

Fruit Tree Production Department

All Nursery – Well watered

Crop Number
Direct Neem planted into pots (Agroforest) 600
Scions (Collected from Mwanza) 2000
Budfeed manofalina (From Mwanza) 1200
Repacked Lemon Rootstocks 2000

White Guavas 2 beds
Red Guavas 1 bed
Pawpaws 2 beds
Lemon 2 beds
Neem 1 bed
Total Seedlings 19716

Grafted Mango 2022
Buded Orange 2250
Buded Tangerine 250
Manifalina Tangerine 1200
Avocado 45

Looks like serious work and workers

Laston and Felix travelled by bus about 2000 km round trip to collect best scions from Mwanza in the far South of Malawi.

Unbelievable what people can do when they are inspired, passionate and valued!

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