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Harisen the Teacher – Wells for Zoë
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Harisen the Teacher

Harisen the Teacher

5th September 2013:

Harisen the TeacherIn Wells for Zoë, Malawi, Harisen is the boss.

He was our first employee, even before there was any real job. He was part-time, temporary and voluntary.
He is a real boss, because he knows everything and can do everything.

Here you see him in Salima, over 400 km from home, where he and William, our other pump genius, are promoting the pump to one of the large gatherings organised by our partners, in water, CCODE.

They are working with local groups, mainly women explaining and demonstrating, the structure of the pump (indoors) and fitting pumps in wells already dug and ready (they taught about digging and building wells, on the last trip over a month ago).

We have never installed pumps in this region (South) before and it looks like the pump is a real winner here as well, and why not.

In a text Harisen says : it was amazing and all the students can now put the pump together and install it.

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