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1st October 2012:

ApplesAny time we try to buy apples here in Malawi, they either come from Zimbabwe or South Africa. They tell us apples don’t grow in Malawi. For the past few years we have got rootstock and scions from Irish Seed Savers in Scariff, Co Clare and we are so grateful for all their help. They are amazing people. This year we have about 300 root stock and Fiona brought me a load of scions from her uncle in Swords. There are four varieties and the guys have started budding Golden Delicious today. Apples are really expensive and we hope to have some seedlings to distribute by the rainy season.

The apples in the pic are on a three year old tree and will be huge and ready to eat by Christmas.

Another great story from the farm (well now one of four farms we have in operation). We have also planted our first vine!!

Pineapples in the background!!

  • Ethel Chimpeni

    January 2, 2014 at 15:44 Reply


    I just stumbled upon your site, and have taken a keen interest mainly in the fact that you seem to be growing fruits that the average Malawian has always believed would not do good on Malawi soil.

    Im a pure Malawian, who has always been curious about whether apples indeed can grow in Malawi, and other fruits such as grapes and because of this I would love to get more information about what you are growing and how any challenges have been overcome etc

    Looking forward to forming a platform inwhich I could get information


  • Brian Chado

    January 17, 2018 at 11:12 Reply

    I am a Malawian interested to have an apple plantation/orchard in Malawi of over 2000 trees but I need information on where to get seeds or seedlings. I also need information on parts of Malawi where it can do well, which varieties and other important growing tips.

    If someone can give me such information or guide where I can get such information, I will be grateful.

    Kind regards,


  • John Coyne

    January 17, 2018 at 21:21 Reply

    Hi Brian,

    Our operation is centred in Mzuzu and our organic, sustainable farm is in Lusangazi, about 10km from our Pump factory and office.

    At the moment we have over 7,000 apple tree seedlings ready for planting about July time.

    Of course the Northern High regions is the place to grow them.

    I think we may have one grape vine, but haven’t seen any fruit

    Brazil nuts are planted recently.

    Where are you in Malawi will get me and I can put you in touch with Adamson on the farm

    Thanks for the interest


  • Prince Kaponda

    September 9, 2018 at 08:00 Reply

    So grad I found this post. Am a Malawian based in Mzuzu (Operations Manager at PEC Enterprises – a family business) and I was searching for varieties of apple which can do well in Mzuzu. Please help me with such information and if you have them on sale at Lusangazi farm please let me know so that we can get some.

    looking forward to your support.

    my email is

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