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a day of new starts

Two new starts today

10 April 2012:

…even though the pic represents neither!

The first ‘new start’ was an inservice course, in English, for secondary school teachers in Zola Zola. Cassie, a student of Journalism in DIT, was the main contributer; reports are that they want to keep her!

The second ‘first of the day’, was a new class for in Adult Education in Mchanguatua, where Miriam was enrolling new students for what has proved to extremely successful (with our first group) in inspiring women to do things they never thought possible (and beyond our wildest dreams).

Women with no formal education at any level are simple finding their talents and there’s just no stopping them. Of course Miriam and Casca are just inspiration personified. Over 40 women showed up for enrolment.

a day of new startsBack to the picture…

Once any little rumble happens at the school the kids just arrive in their droves. This shows Richie and Rick (two Chemistry students from DIT and here to do a workshop) greeting some of the early arrivals. Cassie is in action in the background!

The girls from social care were on the go early in Lusangazi, while the film and media guys were keeping cameras on it all!!

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