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Water for Wedding Guests

Water for Wedding Guests

Do you like a story with a happy beginning, middle and ending: well this is one. Friends of our daughter Caitríona, John and Louise, are getting married today and wanted to give a meaningful pressie to their guests. They thought clean water is the one, something which will change a life forever, so that’s where we come in.

I asked Harisen to have a well ready, so that they could screw in the pump today and joy of joys he has done just that!. Without any great fuss, he drove to the village of Samuel Jere (the name of the chief) in Doroba. The women came running and the water is flowing.

This is clean, pure drinking water for the first time and the 327 villagers who will use it will be eternally grateful.
It will truly change their lives.

The proximity of clean water to the village will mean:
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  • no more deaths from cholera, typhoid or diarrhoea;
  • less chance of malaria;
  • girls can go to school;
  • women can do some farming and make a little money, instead of the futile task of walking miles for contaminated water every day.

The villagers are now working on another well, for their close neighbours.
It’s rare to be able to change someone’s life forever.
John and Louise have done just that today.

John and Mary and Wells for Zoë together with 327 of God’s poorest wish you the most brilliant life together.

Chiuta wam’dangihrani mu vyose ivgo mukuchita ndipo wave namwe pa hyengo iyi ya

May God guide you in everything you do and be with you always.

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