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1 million Archives – Wells for Zoë
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Planting a million trees

20th June 2018 They call it Mphompha Forest tree planting Programme under Wells for Zoë. On the right distributing seeds and potting tubes in a unique man Golden Mlowoka Chirwa, who is the father of Adamson, apple tree expert and leader on our farms in Lusangazi. This is...

Counting tree seeds

Our plan this year is to plant 1 million pine trees for forestry regeneration, Eucalyptus for poles for a quick return for the poorest and then some firewood trees, fruit trees and nitrogen fixing trees as well. Our big first task was to locate the pines...

Tree Seeds

5th June 2018: Here are Angelina and Maggie drying and selecting pine seeds in our little greenhouse at the Centre for Learning. Our plan is to have 1 million trees growing next season. It's a pretty enormous task considering that with most of the forests cut down,...